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Town Street


Topographical & Boundary Survey

Survey Methodology & Project Delivery

Integrated Robotic Total Station & GNSS.

Town Street
Boundary Survey

Topographical & Boundary Survey

  • Topographical / Land Survey
  • Boundary Survey & Legal Mapping

Sector: Residential Property

About This Project

SurveyWorx were commissioned to manage & deliver the Survey Specification, working in collaboration with the Client & Legal Team across the Project.

The property at Town Street comprised a single storey property located on approximately 0.1 Hectare.

Survey Methodology & Project Delivery

Using a combination of Robotic Total Station & GNSS to capture & verify accurate Survey Data, the Survey Specification was delivered both efficiently & cost effectively within the allocated timescales.

Survey Control Network Post-Processing

Primary Survey Control was established using Total Station (1”) & GNSS with PK/Mag Survey Nails & Survey Markers drilled/fixed into hard standing surfaces & Station Description Sheets completed. Field Observations/Readings were Post-Processed through SCC Survey Software to produce final Control Network Coordinates.

Survey Methods & Data Acquisition/Capture

Data was acquired/captured using a combination of Robotic Total Station & GNSS to Survey Topographical features relating to the Property Boundary.

Delivery & Output

The Topographical Survey was overlaid on OS MasterMap Digital Data to produce Land Registry Compliant Plans of the Boundary/Property. The final Drawings/Report would accurately determine & map the Physical Boundaries of the Plot referenced to the associated Land Registry Title Plans.

Coordinate Reference System

Survey Data related to the OS Network OSGB36(15).

Delivery & Output

The final Drawing Package included; Topographical Survey, Boundary Survey & Report. All Drawings were passed through Quality Assurance prior to final delivery.


GNSS = Global Navigation Satellite Systems.
RTK = Real Time Kinematic.
GPS = Global Positioning System.
OSGB36 = Ordnance Survey National Grid Reference System.
ETRS89 = European Terrestrial Reference System.
WGS84 = World Geodetic System (GPS/GNSS).

Sample Delivery/Output

Town Street
Town Street