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Boundary Surveys & Legal Mapping

At SurveyWorx, delivering accurate & reliable Geospatial Data is the foundation of what we do.

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Measure, Verify, Report

Detailed Boundary Surveys & Legal Mapping accurately map, locate & define physical features relating to your Property/Site Boundaries.

At SurveyWorx we deliver Boundary Surveys which accurately determine & map the Physical Boundaries of a plot of land referenced to the associated Land Registry Title Plans.

SurveyWorx can assist property developers, architects & private clients in understanding the potential risks associated with Legal Mapping, allowing land purchases to proceed with certainty.

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Topographical Land Surveys

Boundary Surveys & Legal Mapping

SurveyWorx provides independent Legal Mapping Services & Boundary Surveys to determine the dimensions/size of your land or property. Plans are fully Land Registry compliant, & can be produced for either the purchaser or vendor of a Site, or property.

We produce boundary reports, determined boundary plans, land registry compliant plans, demarcation of a boundary, setting out of new boundary positions, boundary reports & supporting plans/documentation for adjudication/disputes.


Survey Methodology & Delivery

A comprehensive range of measurements are taken which enable us to produce an accurate, up-to-date representation of the current site conditions, including buildings/structures, boundary features & any additional relevant boundary demarcations. We assess all available documentation (Title Deeds & existing HM Land Registry Documents) & interpret how the documented Boundary relates to existing features.

We deploy the latest integrated Robotic Total Stations & Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) to capture & verify accurate Survey Data relating to Property/Site Boundaries.

Survey Data is Post-Processed in-house through the use of dedicated Survey Mapping Software & rigorous QA/QC procedures to ensure we deliver consistent & reliable results.

Survey Data & Reports can be delivered in a variety of industry standard PDF with accompanied 2D AutoCAD formats.

Get in touch today to discuss your Project & let us deliver an efficient & cost-effective solution to your Boundary Survey & Legal Mapping requirements.

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