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TopoCloud Data Management

At SurveyWorx, delivering accurate & reliable Geospatial Data is the foundation of what we do.

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Delivering Trusted Geospatial Data

Comprehensive Point Cloud Data Management Services & 3D Modelling support across Projects.

SurveyWorx can help you to Manage, Assess & Extract Point Cloud Data.

We offer highly efficient Point Cloud Data Management Services to a wide range of Clients.

We Organise, Store & Share your Data in a safe environment, using TopoCloud & Amazon Cloud.

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TopoCloud Data Management

TopoCloud Point Cloud Data Management

HD Laser Scanning, Mobile Mapping/Scanning & UAV Imaging Systems produce Terabytes of Point Cloud & Image Data along Road & Rail Transportation Infrastructure.

A productive process to Manage Data, Assess Data Quality & Extract Data/Information is necessary to feed downstream Planning, Design, & Construction/Engineering Projects.

Successful implementation of this Technology & Processes can achieve significant economic returns & can help drive efficiency within a business.

We provide support to a wide range of Clients within the Survey Industry who engage our Services to deliver Point Cloud Data Management & 3D Modelling support across Projects.

We Manage Your Point Cloud Data

SurveyWorx Organise, Store & Share your Data in a safe environment, using TopoCloud & Amazon Cloud which allows you easy access 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

We Assess Your Point Cloud Data

We Check/Validate Point Cloud Data to ensure it meets your Project Specification/Quality & identify any problems or issues providing a Quality Assurance QA/QC Report highlighting any Registration Issues.

Managing Project Workflows

We organize Point Cloud Data with larger Point Clouds divided in a Geospatial Tile System. This allows you to focus on a specific part of the Data & to access it easily & efficiently.

We store Point Cloud & Mobile Mapping Data, Images, AutoCAD files & any other documents in a cost-effective & safe environment, on Amazon Cloud with access from any part of the world at any time.

Access Made Easy – You can easily access this organized data, with a user & password you are only one click away from anything related to your Project.

Get in touch today to discuss your Project & let us deliver an efficient & cost-effective solution to your Point Cloud Data Extraction requirements.

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Drift House Project

Drift Bridge House

Accurate & Reliable Geospatial Data

TopoDOT Data Extraction

TopoDOT Data Extraction

We deliver comprehensive Data Extraction Services & 3D Modelling support across Projects.