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Underground Detection Services

At SurveyWorx, delivering accurate & reliable Geospatial Data is the foundation of what we do.

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Measure, Verify, Map

Detailed Non-Invasive Underground Utility Surveys to accurately detect, trace & identify Underground Services across Construction & Development Sites.

At SurveyWorx we deliver Underground Service Mapping across both small & large-scale Private Development Schemes, Urban Regeneration Schemes, National Road Projects & major Construction & Engineering Works.

  • Building Services Tracing & Mapping.
  • Drainage Connectivity Surveys.
  • Foul Drainage Route Surveys.
  • Surface Water Route Surveys.
  • Sub-Surface Void Detection.
  • CCTV Condition Surveys.
  • Desktop Record Searches.

Underground Utility Surveys can identify pipes, cables, ducts, sewers, gas pipes, foul drainage & surface water drainage routes across Construction/Engineering Projects.

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Underground detection

Underground Utility Surveys

Underground Utility Mapping deliverables/outputs aid in the Planning & Design process for Architectural & Construction/Engineering purposes.

Our Team of experienced Geospatial Surveyors integrated with the latest technology & proven processes allow us to deliver an efficient & cost-effective solution to your Underground Utility Survey requirements.

Survey Methodology & Delivery

Underground Utility Surveys are carried out using a combination of Electromagnetic Location (EML) & Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Methods, with all Utilities physically Marked/Sprayed on the ground, with this information transferred onto a Topographical / Land Survey & delivered as a final Drawing in AutoCAD format.

Underground Utility Surveys would be related to the Ordnance Survey National Grid Reference System (OSGB36) & Ordnance Datum (AOD).

Survey Data is Post-Processed in-house through the use of dedicated Survey Mapping Software & rigorous QA/QC procedures to ensure we deliver consistent & reliable results, delivered in a variety of industry standard 2D & 3D formats.
Our experience combined with our commitment to new technology & innovations ensures we can efficiently & cost effectively deliver your Project to the highest possible quality standards.

Get in touch today to discuss your Project & let us deliver an efficient & cost-effective solution to your Underground Detection Service requirements.

CCTV Drainage Surveys

CCTV Drainage Surveys document the condition of Drainage Runs accessible within a Site. Surveys are delivered in the form of a Report documenting the type & position of any issues with the Drainage Runs, are accompanied with Photographic evidence, & delivered in WinCAN Format.

CCTV Condition Surveys can be completed for drainage networks, where manhole covers are lifted to identify & measure the content using a high definition Video Camera inserted into each pipe, noting defects, blockages & damage encountered.


BIM Underground Service Models

BIM Underground Service Models deliver Underground Services (UGS) information within the BIM environment, seamlessly integrating Topographical, Measured Building & Underground Utilities information in a comprehensive Revit Model.


Drainage Mapping Surveys

Drainage Mapping Surveys locate & map Drainage Runs (Foul Drainage & Surface Water Drainage) accessible within a Site. The Surveyed information is transferred onto a Topographical / Land Survey & delivered as a final Drawing in AutoCAD format.


Desktop Record Search

Desktop Record Searches provide statutory Record Drawings for a Survey Area. These include all Utility Companies’ owned infrastructure within the Site area presented in a pack & delivered in PDF format.

Projects Piltown House
Piltown House Utility
Underground detection

PAS128 Surveys

PAS128 Survey Type A – Verification

Utilities are Surveyed using direct measurement techniques at locations where utilities are exposed, at inspection chambers or by exposing Underground Services/Utilities using excavation techniques.

PAS128 Survey Type B – Detection (Most Popular)

Underground Services/Utilities are Detected, Traced & Mapped using one or more Geophysical Techniques.

PAS128 Survey Type C (Reconnaissance)

Site Reconnaissance Survey to validate available Underground Services/Utilities records & to assess if there are any conflicts that need to be investigated further or resolved.

PAS128 Survey Type D (Desktop Utility Records Search)

Underground Utility Service Records plotted to Drawing utilising Statutory Record Data which is gathered from Utility providers & owners.

Rebar / Concrete Tendon Scanning

We produce detailed Rebar Scanning Surveys to accurately detect & map Rebar & Concrete Tendon positions within Reinforced Concrete.

Rebar Scanning Surveys provide critical information to the Construction process allowing Project Managers & Design Teams to make informed decisions with respect to re-enforcement positions & depths across a Project.

  • Reinforced Bars.
  • Pre-Tensioned Tendons.
  • Post-Tensioned Tendons.
  • Metal Pipes.
  • Fibre Cables.


  • Technical Reporting.
  • 2D & 3D AutoCAD DWG’s & PDF formats.
  • Rebar Positioned Marked/Sprayed on Site.


  • GPS = Global Positioning System.
  • GNSS = Global Navigation Satellite Systems.
  • RTK = Real Time Kinematic.
  • OSGB36 = Ordnance Survey National Grid Reference System.
  • ETRS89 = European Terrestrial Reference System.
  • WGS84 = World Geodetic System (GPS/GNSS).
  • GPR = Ground Penetrating Radar.
  • EML = Electromagnetic Location.

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Piltown House

Projects Piltown House

Accurate & Reliable Geospatial Data

Topographical Land Surveys

Topographical / Land Surveys

Topographical Surveys accurately map & define both natural & man-made features, & determine ground relief across Construction & Development Sites.